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Oulian supply chain management Co., Ltd was established in Mar 2008, it was initially founded as a logistics company for shoes product exportation to USA market, due to the shoes business trend development during the past ten years in China, we have been expanding our business from a international logistics to one multi-service trading company in south part of China. We combined the offer and and supply chain services together in order to provide full way service to customers. Our business scopes now have been expanding into the following ways.

Import from China:

● International transportation service
● International freight service (Sea/ Air/Courier Service )
● Customs broker
● Warehouse consolidation and distribution in bonded warehouse and normal warehouse
● Door to door service based on DDP/DDA terms...

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Featured Products
Plastics Granules Export from Saudi Arabia to China
Factory use our material to make high quality industrial products, plastic toys, packing polybag; shopping handbag and all kinds of home using utensils etc, and we have won a...
Leather Chemicals Export from Brazil to China
Leather consumption is one kind of raw material used in manufacture industrial for leather shoes and handbag factory. All these reasons bring the chances for overseas leather...
Shenzhen Warehouse Service
Shen Zhen-Hong kong vehicles regularly going through Shen Zhen and Hong Kong two areas every day, which can deliver LCL goods to nominated warehouses in Hong Kong and bring...
Milk Powder Export To China
The reputation of Chinese domestic milk powder in the market is not good, so many families choose to buy imported milk powder. The competition for milk powder export to China...
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